Powerful tools. Point-and-click interface. No code required.


Effortlessly configure adapters to filter, parse, and route data. Mix and match standards and protocols. Retire scripts and never write custom integrations again.


Go-live with a few clicks of the mouse. Designed to scale with your organization. Limit access to sensitive information. No need to maintain servers, apply patches, or custom code.


See how systems are performing across your campus. Find and fix connectivity issues. Ensure compliance and mitigate vulnerabilities. Instant notification about errors.

For Schools

Eradicate custom integrations. Protect your data. Gain valuable insights.

For Solution Providers

Save development resources. Expedite delivery. Increase sales.

What clients are saying

We don't know how we lived without Apidapter.
Jacob Rosen

Jacob Rosen

VP of Product

"Apidapter has been a game changer for us. What used to take hours to investigate and engineering to solve can now be done in minutes with the click of a mouse."

Edward Stone

Edward Stone

Academic Technology Director

"It is no exaggeration to say that Apidapter reduced my integration budget by 90%. Now my staff can spend their time focusing on what really matters.”

Maryanne Walsh

Maryanne Walsh

Client Support Specialist

"I am still amazed at how easy I can debug and address integration problems that arise for my clients with Apidapter. The transaction log rocks!"

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