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Access Management

This is a big announcement, and when we say big, we mean BIG. The addition of organization and property-based access management will altogether change the way integrations are designed, tested, and maintained by colleges and vendors. So what is organization and property management you ask? By selectively granting permissions at each of these levels you […]

Properties For Organizations

It’s only natural that a growing number of clients with ever growing adoption would lead to a growing number of adapters. In fact some are now using Apidapter to integrate dozens of solutions and campuses. With so many adapters we needed to find a way to let users categorize¬†them within their organization. That’s what we […]

Educause 2014

Today we begin our second Educause annual conference with a triumphant return to the start-up alley. Why triumphant? One simple fact: As opposed to last year Apidapter is live, ready for use, and has been supporting millions of transactions for schools and education technology companies. Educause often brings many product announcements and Apidapter is no […]

Error Adapter

Today we launched a flexible way to handle what happens when an adapter transaction errors. Available of certain plans, should an error occur instead of simply seeing a generic “boring” textual message you can now pass the transaction on to yet another adapter specifically designed to address the situation. That includes the ability to forward […]

Log Enhancements, Continued…

If you’ve looked at any transactions lately you might have seen our improved log display. By removing the duplication in parameter columns we can be sure to provide the most screen real estate with which to review your data, get the relevant information closer to the top, and most importantly always line up each of […]