Founded in 2013, Apidapter™ grew out of the significant and costly challenges experienced when integrating enterprise learning tools at colleges and universities. These stem from two, often intertwined, classes of problems: (1) a lack of adherence to Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) best practices by companies and (2) inconsistent or inaccessible data among institutional systems. As a result, what was the promise of standards-based “interoperability” unfortunately often still requires custom integrations and some degree of data transformation and cleanup.

Apidapter was introduced to efficiently and affordably address these problems. A fully hosted API translation service, the Apidapter platform ties together enterprise education systems by allowing for the mixing of tool APIs and protocols, on-the-fly processing and formatting of data, and the logging and analysis of transactions.

Colleges and solution providers alike remain excited by the power and ease of Apidapter. Both can now bring together systems that were previously difficult or impossible to reasonably integrate, streamline or altogether eliminate existing custom integrations, and dramatically shorten development cycles and test time.