It’s the week before the semester starts. A solution that you paid for was supposed to be deployed by last term but is still dragging on. As with any technology project, integration one of the steps that has been shoved under the rug until now. The “last 10%” is taking up 90% of your team’s time.

As you continue to pull back the rug you fall deeper into despair. The data is messy and malformed. The parameters don’t match up. You can’t even find proper vendor documentation, though they are willing to “help” you for just $300 per hour. It looks as if your deadline is going to be missed again.

Apidapter can put you back on track, and fast. With an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, you can build, test, deploy, and analyze integrations in minutes and without one line of custom programming. By matching up parameters and formatting data on-the-fly, Apidapter makes integration as easy as playing connect the dots.