Monthly Subscription

Plan Free
  Transactions per month 5k 50k 500k 5000k
  Per thousand transactions $0.00 $1.00 $0.25 $0.10
  Adapters 2 10 40 200
  Log entries per adapter 50 500 5000 50000
  Shared access Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Debug mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Success and error logging Yes Yes Yes
  Custom error handling Yes Yes Yes
  Logging by result Yes Yes
  Error alerts Yes Yes
  Burstinga Yes Yes Yes Yes
  SSL encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Fixed IP Available
  SLA Available
  Payment Credit card Credit card Card or invoice
  Support Self-serve Standard Standard Priority
  Integration consulting Available Available
  Custom adapters Available

a If you exhaust your prepaid transactions before the end of the month, your adapters will continue to work. However if this occurs two months in a row you will need to upgrade to avoid service interruption.


Professional Services

Consulting and custom adapter development services are available to help your organization tackle complex or time-sensitive integration tasks. Please contact us for more information.