It was one year ago today that Apidapter was born. Happy First Birthday!

To us it seems like only yesterday when Apidapter came in to our world. Born to two proud serial entrepreneurs, Apidapter weighed in at a full 8.6 square feet of workspace and 22 files of code. It was just days before Apidapter started responding well to her first API transactions.

Actual footage from the birth of Apidapter.

Actual footage from the birth of Apidapter.

Apidapter actually started her journey from the whiteboard a month before (the normal gestation period for web apps) in a little hotel in Tampa. There the two founders worked hard to conceive the concept stopping only for free breakfast, the pool, and a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game.

Since then we have seen Apidapter mature right before our eyes. She immediately started to grow, taking on new features, seeing infrastructure improvements, and getting her very own website. Every time we would bring her in for a check-up, the unit tests tell us she passed with flying colors.

We then celebrated at month four as her first signs of personality started showing with the user interface mockups.

Dashboard Mockup

October was then a big month for the family. It was then that we took Apidapter on her first trip. Where else but Anaheim for Disneyland! I mean Educause (link).

Educause 2013

The thing that has made us the most excited and proud though was just this month when Apidapter started taking on beta users (link). She really is beginning to show the world what she can do.

So now at a year we take some time to reflect and cherish our first year together, but also to give hope for all the wonderful achievements our little Apidapter is going to accomplish in this next year and many more.

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