This is a big announcement, and when we say big, we mean BIG. The addition of organization and property-based access management will altogether change the way integrations are designed, tested, and maintained by colleges and vendors.

So what is organization and property management you ask? By selectively granting permissions at each of these levels you can now allow multiple users to collaboratively work on adapters. For example if you are responsible for the learning environment you can invite your LMS vendor to help in the configuration of hooks with third-party tools. Then the third-party providers themselves can review transaction data to ensure everything is working as expected. At the same time you can have your security consultant view adapters to reveal any potential vulnerabilities.

Access Management

Manage access to adapters for multiple users.

Access management opens doors to unparalleled efficiency with the ability to collaborate on the creation, deployment, and maintenance of integration points. We hope you enjoy this powerful addition to Apidapter.

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