Error Adapter

Today we launched a flexible way to handle what happens when an adapter transaction errors. Available of certain plans, should an error occur instead of simply seeing a generic “boring” textual message you can now pass the transaction on to yet another adapter specifically designed to address the situation. That includes the ability to forward the user to a custom error page, continue processing the data, or anything else you might do with an adapter.

Less duplication and better alignment.

Less duplication and better alignment.

We see a few uses cases for this, though of course with everything on can do with an adapter in the first place the possibilities are endless. For example you can redirect the user to a custom error page or help article. You might choose to post the response to a ticketing system. Or in a more complex scenario you can take advantage of the error behavior itself to work with more than two integration points. Let’s say you are using an adapter for LDAP authentication and more than one server stores credentials (e.g. students and staff). The “error” and transaction parameters from a failure against the first LDAP server can now be cascaded to another adapter which checks against the second server.

Enjoy getting just as much value from errors as you do with successes.

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